How to Make a Conversion-Ready Amazon Product Listing


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How to Make a Conversion-Ready Amazon Product Listing

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Before we go over the key steps to make your Amazon product listing conversion-ready, let’s define its main components. An Amazon product listing is the product page for a particular item sold on Amazon. It includes the most important information about a product in the form of a title, images, bullet points, description, product price, keywords, and more. Your goal as an Amazon seller is to showcase your product in the best possible way, attract customer’s attention, stand out from the ever-growing competition on Amazon, and make sales.

Your Amazon listing enables shoppers to find your products while searching on Amazon and encourages them to buy your items. With almost two million active Amazon sellers and over 4000 items sold per minute on this giant eCommerce platform, you should devote enough time, money, and other resources to research the market and competitors and perform regular optimization of your product listings.

Whether you’re new to Amazon and getting ready to launch your first product, or you’ve been working as an Amazon seller for some time and wish to improve your existing Amazon listings, we can help you. Follow our expert tips and tricks to make a conversion-ready Amazon product listing and boost your sales in 2021!

Understand your product, customers, and competitors

Before you place a product on Amazon, you must know its key features and purpose, how it solves problems, dimensions, parts, colors, product variations, and other particular aspects. These elements will become a part of your product listing through words, images, etc.

Knowing your customers and understanding their needs is crucial for success on Amazon! When presenting your product online, think about it from the customer’s point of view, and focus on the key benefits and problem-solving solutions you offer with it. If you aren’t sure what they look for in a product from a particular category, check out your competitors’ reviews. It’s an excellent way to get precious information for free and implement it in your business strategy.

As we mentioned before, competition on Amazon is fierce! Don’t copy from others to create a listing for your product. Instead, analyze what they are doing and pay attention to top sellers in your products category. Attract customers’ awareness of your product and influence their purchasing decision in unique ways. To quote Sun Tzu, “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.”

Write a winning product title with keywords

For an average online shopper, a product title on an Amazon listing looks like a chaotic and random use of descriptive words about a specific product. But there’s more to it. Remember that customers look for products directly on Amazon by entering particular words in a search field. They represent keywords that you use for your product title and other parts of the Amazon product listing. A relevant and well-written title will help you drive traffic to your detail page and determine where you appear in search results.

In general, you can use this formula when creating a title for your product:


Keep in mind the limit of 200 characters, and be sure to capitalize the first letter of every word. Also, place the most important details about your product in the first 80 characters. Many people use mobile devices for their online purchases, which is one more reason to grab their attention at the beginning!

Apart from the elements mentioned above in the formula, be sure to use suitable keywords and a product’s key benefits for your title. Use numbers instead of words, and don’t abbreviate measurements. If you are selling a pack, state the number of items in it.

Use high-quality product images

Your product images on an Amazon listing are a powerful and vital tool for attracting customers and leading them to make a purchasing decision. The old phrase that a picture is worth a thousand words is valid here as well. Use high-quality images to set yourself apart from competitors in your category and showcase your product in a clear, understandable, and attractive manner.

Also, follow the requirements and category style guides in Amazon Seller Central for each product image on your listing. Apart from uploading the main image where your product is shown in focus and on a clear, white background, be sure to add several images showing your item in use.

By demonstrating how people interact with your product, it will be easier for customers to imagine having it in their lives, and you will push them into buying mode.

In addition, use the power of words on images to point out the key benefits of your product and help buyers get a better picture of your product, dimensions, ways to use it, etc.

The chances are that there are many products similar to yours on Amazon. Therefore, do your best to persuade customers to buy yours! Think from your customer’s point of view and what they would like to see on your product images, and use as many images as possible.

Grab attention with short and informative bullet points

Depending on a product category, bullet points have a limit between 100 and 500 characters. But, you should avoid placing too much text per bullet point. We recommend keeping them at around 200 characters each, using keywords from the title, adding some new ones, and showing the key benefits concisely and engagedly.

Bullet points are an excellent way to connect with your customers and address them as an Amazon seller. Show how you understand their needs and why your product presents a perfect solution to their problems. Since this is a prominent part of your product detail page, right next to your images, focus on the most important information about the product. Keep it short and simple!

Lead the way to purchase with a product description

A product description allows you to go into detail about your product’s features and benefits. Use it to help people imagine a life in which they own your product and how it enhances their lives or the ones they care about. Put yourself in their shoes when crafting this segment of your Amazon product listing.

With 2000 characters as a limit, there’s plenty of room to guide your customers on a purchasing journey, influence them to add to the cart, and buy your product. Pay attention to spelling and grammar, just like everywhere else. Also, be sure to use keywords, as they will increase the odds of people finding your listing. Separate your text into paragraphs that are easy to follow, and use HTML formatting. The last one is great for presenting your description in a customer-friendly format.

If you are a professional seller approved as a brand owner through the Amazon Brand Registry process or an emerging brand owner, take advantage of enticing A+ content!

Once you are a registered brand and have access to A+ content, you can tell your brand story with pre-formatted text and attractive, image-based modules. All of this is available in the Basic A+ content, with no extra costs.

There is also Premium A+ content. This paid feature presents an excellent opportunity to showcase your brand and get more conversions with video content, image carousels, comparative tables, and more.

Turn customer reviews and ratings to your advantage

Although you can’t directly influence or control your customer reviews and ratings, they represent an essential part of your Amazon product listing. Many buyers on Amazon will first pay attention to what other people have to say about your product instead of reading your product description or bullet points. It makes sense since we tend to connect to others and seek genuine user experience from people who already bought the product of our interest.  

By providing high-quality products and great customer service, you will get on the right track to receive positive product reviews and higher ratings. Also, don’t ignore negative reviews and reply to your customers in a timely and kind manner. How you treat your potential or existing buyers will have a significant impact on your sales. You can learn a lot about a product and find optimization ideas in customer reviews of competitors’ products and yours.


Everything that we mentioned above will help you make a conversion-ready Amazon product listing. But don’t think that the work stops once you apply our suggestions and place your product listing on Amazon. Your journey of continual optimization and improvement never ends on this large eCommerce platform. Perform regular tests, make changes, measure results compared to the original product listing, and decide which version performs best.

Research and analyze your products, customers, and competitors. All three are equally crucial for your success as an Amazon seller. Product listings will allow you to grow your brand, attract new customers, and boost sales. Pay attention to your product title, images, bullet points, description, used keywords, etc. To stand out from other sellers, invest in your brand by hiring professional photographers and graphic designers for your product images and experienced content writers for image text, bullet points, and descriptions.

If you’re on a tight budget, seek inspiration in customer reviews and ratings, especially on your competitors’ product listing pages. Negative comments about their products can help you understand what customers don’t like and what you should avoid. Also, carefully observe what your customers write to you and be sure to reply to them.

Their words in reviews can also help you determine the right keywords and write suitable product descriptions.

Now that you’re ready to increase profits on Amazon with an optimized product listing, discover how we can help you achieve even better results with our Amazon PPC service. Sellers Alley offers you a unique opportunity to get a FREE audit of your Amazon account. With hundreds of satisfied clients in our portfolio, we have PPC experts ready to get your business on a one-way street to eCommerce success!

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