Why You Need To Know Amazon Indexing


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Why You Need To Know Amazon Indexing


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The situation where Amazon’s list keywords and expressions are fed into Amazon’s search results database.

Once our list is “indexed”, it can be shown in the search results to the customers entering keywords or expressions that are in our list (whether it’s in the front or back-end).

Alternatively – if our list is not “indexed” for those keywords, our product will not be shown in the search results to our potential customers.

Hence, being indexed is of great value.

Not all fields are born equal

Amazon indexing algorithm handles differently and with hierarchy to the different fields in our list.

This is the order of importance:

  1. Title
  2. Bullets
  3. Back-end search terms
  4. Description

Although Amazon is not publishing this information officially, most theories suggest that 1 & 2 are correct while 3 & 4 are perhaps vice versa.

In any case, we do know that the title is the most important field so we want to create it with our most important keywords and/or keywords we want to promote.

How to check Indexing?

After understanding all of the above the natural question is – Is there a way to validate if we are indexed on Amazon for different keywords? The answer is YES.

There are different lists of software that can check this, but our preferred method (and most accurate) is to test this manually.

In Amazon’s search field (all categories), enter:


For example: B075Y43YP vader

You may also use your complete title or bullets after the ASIN in the structure above.

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